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Beijing Hongye Hong Food Trade Co., Ltd. sells Mongolian frozen boned horse meat, cooked goat with skin, cooked goat without skin, and cooked beef, which integrates slaughtering, processing, import and export and sales. The transit warehouses are in Beijing, Erlianhot, Shandong Heze, Xinjiang Urumqi, Yining. It distributes the goods by cold chain logistics to the whole country. Our company offers primary source of goods, excellent quality, good service and low price.

The environment of Mongolia is pollution-free, and the livestock are growing on the grassland. The meat is natural which taste and quality are much better than domestic meat. Our company has three meat processing plants in Ulaanbaatar and the east and west of Mongolia with advanced equipment, standard slaughtering processing, good hygienic environment.The factory has the license of frozen horse meat and cooked beef and mutton products for exporting to China issued by AQSIQ, and the AAA export certification of Mongolia.  ... ...


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